Explore the Most Unique Places of Indonesia

Many of us have that adventurous streak, always pushing us to the go further and dares us to do things we wouldn’t usually consider in our daily lives, especially when we are out of our element, in another culture and surroundings. If you are vacationing in Indonesia, what are the things that pop up into your head when we say thrilling and exciting? What about walking with dragons? Just another day in the vast Indonesian archipelago, and possible through a customized Indonesia Tour.


Do you know that Indonesia is the abode of the legendary Komodo Dragons that are the only living dragons on the planet? The list doesn’t end here; hike up volcanoes, surf on the giant waves; the options are numerous and run the range from sedate to scintillating. And that is why, today we are going to discuss some of the most offbeat and unique places that you can visit while you are vacationing in Indonesia. Let us go through them one by one.

#1 Komodo and Rinca Islands   

Komodo dragons are the show-stoppers of any Indonesian tour and that is why any tour to Indonesia is incomplete without the trip to Rinca and Komodo islands, the natural habitat of the Komodo dragon. These are the giant lizards that can grow up to 4 meters and share a close resemblance to the dinosaurs.

Komodo and Rinca Islands

#2 Jellyfish Lake, Borneo

Do you love the sea creatures? Then, visit the Jellyfish Lake in Borneo where you have the golden opportunity to swim  among the colored jellyfish in the still water. Don’t worry about the sting; it is too weak to weak to pose any threat to you.

Image result for Jellyfish Lake, Borneo exo travel

#3 Raja Ampat, West Papua

If you haven’t seen heaven on the earth, then visit Raja Ampat and know what heaven is all about! With perfect white sands, tribal islands, almost no connection with the outside world, this place is simply what life should be all about.

#4 Wild Orangutans, Borneo

Borneo is known for the most stunning forests and its wild orangutans. Hire a wildlife guard, and you can even feed them.

These are just a few of the unique activities that you must do while you are enjoying one of the many tours to Indonesia.


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