Explore the Beautiful and Exotic Asia with EXO Travel

When it comes to the Beautiful Landscapes of Asia, especially SE Asia, nobody knows it better than the experts of EXO Travel. With a commitment to give the travelers of all over the world the most scintillating experience of Southeast Asian countries, we are trying hard to to prepare the custom made tours of the various destinations so that you can have the best of everything. Founded by Olivier Colomes and Hamish Keith, along with the Apple Tree Group, we have our head office in the beautiful city of Bangkok.

Unlike the other travel agencies, EXO Travel is completely licensed and registered tourism company with the respective nations. We also have local travel partners that are headed by an experienced  and capable General Manager. In other words, wherever you go, we are there to help you out in case of any incident.

Talking about the tours, with this kind of extensive experience and under the guidance of the local tourism experts, we have created the most sought after tours for you that include family tours, honeymoons and luxury tours. Now, let us check out some of these tailor made tours of each country where we serve:

1. Vietnam

  • World Heritage in Style
  • Phu Quoc Beach Break

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2. Thailand

Image result for Thailand Family Experience EXO Travel

3. Laos

  • Hill Tribes and Scenic River Cruise
  • Laos in Depth

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4. Cambodia

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5. Myanmar

  • Adventure in Myanmar
  • Bagan Explorer

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6. Indonesia

Image result for North Sumatra Soft Adventure Clockwise EXO Travel

7. China

  • Highlights of Classical China
  • Insight of Ethnic Villages in Guizhou

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8. Japan

  • Japan Family Holiday
  • Highlights of Japan

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So, if you are an avid traveler or looking forward for a nice break, choose any one of the above mentioned tours or simply contact the travel Experts of EXO Travel. We promise to give you the best travel experience.




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